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Quiet Desperation

Heart Bomb

Lessons Learned #1: Minding My P’s & Q’s

When A Door Is Not A Door

Star Shepherd

Higher Power

Migration of Dreams

A New Neighborhood Nebula

Some Doors Stay Open

And Yet, Still Smile

Water Code


Sky Code

Storm Code

Instead of Darkness

Hidden In My Heart – 50 x 40″ mixed media on canvas. (read more)

Cognitive Surplus – a sculptural painting. 3 x 16 x 20″, metallic inks, resin and Plike on canvas. (read more)



Chill Buttons – a sculptural painting. 3 x 11 x 14″ acrylics, resin and Plike on canvas (read more)


Prayer Language – 60 x 24″ acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. (read more)


Envelope – a sculptural painting

3 x 12 x 16″, acrylics, resin, and Plike on canvas (read more)

A New Universe

What The Caterpillar Showed Alice


Bruised Twilight


Chasing Her Child on View at Rebecca Low Gallery


The Shaman


Step 5: Admitted…The True Nature


New Day



Sunset Lake


   SHADOW & LIGHT – Original mixed media painting on paper –(READ MORE)


BIG EASY BURNS SLOW – an example of “Abstract Replacement” – (READ MORE)


Until Tomorrow

In Plain Sight

Dusk Cavern

Lesson Learned #2: Danger of Quotes Out Of Context