Sunset Lake


Further work with alcohol ink has resulted in large studies with multiple areas of interest. Sunset Lake is one such work of art.

With the intention of preservation as well as sharing those results, I have executed numerous scans of various studies which are then edited down and digitally stored in formats which lend themselves to reproduction in large format. This is simply a way to curate the images while maintaining a certain level of quality and the production of new work.

However, it also adds to the amount of work required, which causes the sharing part to sometimes suffer. That is one of the reasons I have made it a point to employ social media wherever possible, including a patronĀ  / creator reward program called Patreon.

Sunset Lake was executed with alcohol inks on reclaimed packaging. The entire color study from which the smaller Sunset Lake was taken was a mere 5″ x 6″ However, high quality prints as large as 60″ 45″ are possible . Currently I am offering a special limited edition of 25 prints of “Sunset Lake” on 18″ 24″ acrylic panels. Follow the link here to learn more on how to PURCHASE.