Ken O’Toole
Born 8/21/1953

Published Author, Poet, Artist

Ken O’Toole is an experimental artist creating abstract art in various media. Much of his work involves creating a “visual vocabulary” to communicate emotional or spiritual experiences and create new perceptions. Choosing the “classroom of doing,” rather than more traditional training, has allowed O’Toole to accelerate his growth and remain open to experimentation.

His most recent work deals with the tension between stream of conscious painting (or what he calls “Dancing with the Muse”) and the constraint of intention, typified by design elements and standard drawing techniques. Where these two influences merge has resulted in his newest “Pareidolic Paintings.”

Other works include paper sculptures. Combining action-painting and paper-folding techniques, O’Toole’s paper sculptures display a myriad of surfaces resembling character sets and surreal landscapes.

In 2013 Ken O’Toole completed a public art project entitled “Dreams at 100 Fathoms” which was commissioned by Fort Worth Public Arts for the Marine Park Family Aquatic Center .

His visionary, “Cultural Ghosts,” series of photographs were the inspiration for the 2011 Sustaining Artists Juried Exhibit in Fort Worth.

Some notable exhibitions which included his work were:

  • 2012 Ann Metzger National Juried Exhibit in St. Louis, MO. Curated by Marla Prather: Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art – Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.
  • 2010 “PaperWorks”  National Juried Exhibit at the B.J. SPOKE Gallery  in Huntington, New York, Curated by Eleonore Hugendubel – curator of painting and sculpture MoMA
  • 2010 “Materiality”  National Juried Exhibit at the ARC Gallery in Chicago, Il.  Curator/Juror: Jeanne N. Long – Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

His artwork is collected by corporate and private entities across the country, including Findlay Properties Group in Fort Worth,  the City of Fort Worth, Texas, and 2Imagine Consulting, Inc. in St. Petersburg, Fl.

A selection of his work can currently be viewed at the Rebecca Low Sculptural Gallery and Studio at 7608 Camp Bowie West
Fort Worth, TX 76116.