Heart Bomb

Love finds a way to create

In March of 2019 I painted the first of my large pareidolic paintings, Heart Bomb. My thought process at that time included musings on quantum field theory, the nature of eternity, healing, mortality, and not least, God. My wife was about to undergo surgery to remove cancer from her breasts and lymph nodes.

As often happens, my musings on quantum aligned themselves with my beliefs about God and eternity, in that they gave me hope and serenity concerning the interconnectedness of all things, the limitless possibilities available to all sentient creatures, and the confirmation that myths still abound in modern religion. The best example of that are the myths surrounding the concept of hell.

The ethereal nature of these pareidolic paintings provided another confirmation regarding these musings, in that they not only presented a fertile field for the imagination to consider those infinite variables we all encounter, but also a large area of common ground that we all share. I am speaking of the fact that pareidolia is a trait handed down to each of us (granted in various degrees) through natural selection.

The original oil painting pareidolic diptych (composed on two 74” tall cardboard panels) is no longer available.

Limited edition prints of Heart Bomb are now available for purchase by following this link.