Heart Bomb

Love finds a way to create

Horace Greeley reportedly was encouraged to “Go West, young man.” All the indications from galleries and museums has been that “big is better”, more desirable for the spaces involved. So, when my wife also added her voice of encouragement to “Go Big, old man,” I finally listened.

“Heart Bomb” is one of the first experiments with large, life size paintings. Not the first. That was a more traditional landscape / sky painting. Still, it got me started, and as I allowed my inner expressionist to take the reins
“Heart Bomb” emerged from the clouds.

This pareidolic diptych composed on two 74” tall cardboard panels is available to view at O’Toole Studio, located at:
6624 Monterrey Drive in Fort Worth, TX 76112.
Call 817-456-9452 for an appointment.

Although I do plan to make the original painting available for sale and public exhibition in the future, efforts to preserve the work are still in progress.

However, limited edition prints of Heart Bomb are now available for purchase by following this link.