Dusk Cavern

Dusk Cavern

When dusk and the overhead cloud cover both converge around the setting sun it can resemble a fire lit cavern.

I have written along these lines before when I wrote about UNTIL TOMORROW. Since then, I have checked the numbers. The average daily death rate worldwide is roughly 150,000. There are always spikes and dips in that number, but that’s the average. So, Neil Young wasn’t incorrect in his lyrics, just incomplete. “Every junkie IS like a setting sun. A little part of him in everyone.” Only the setting sun is for so many more than just the junkies. Still the metaphor works well.

The beauty of HOPE expressed in dusk is never hidden by total darkness, because there is more to gain than what we have lost. As high as the mortality rate is each day, to date, it has always been dwarfed by the continuously high birth rate, about 300, 000 each day.

So, even when dusk encompasses us, there is still an ember smoldering, ready to ignite the fire of a NEW DAY.

This painting, Dusk Cavern, was originally executed on reclaimed packaging with alcohol inks, and then digitally edited for larger formats. I am currently offering a limited edition print in a run of 20, 18″ x 24″ acrylic panels. To purchase your copy before the sun sets on this edition FOLLOW THIS LINK>