When A Door Is Not A Door

Mixed Media on Wood Panel

This work stems from my practice of using everything to its fullest potential.
I have recently been utilizing old, worn down, or dried out markers to make alcohol inks. These I have used to make brush drawings as well as paintings. I have also employed them to paint on junk mail and junk envelopes. However, one of the most dramatic results occurred as I was testing these inks on discarded lotto tickets and store receipts. The chemically treated paper (or thermal paper) reacts beautifully with the alcohol, especially in the actual printed areas. The question then became what to do with this small mountain of little paintings, including copies of the painting “Some Doors Stay Open.”

After attending a lecture at the Kimbell about Georges Braque, I began to view collage and these components differently. “When A Door Is Not A Door” is a result of this part of my practice.


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