Lesson Learned #2: Danger of Quotes Out Of Context

Abstract Mixed Media on Poly-carbonate


This work stems from my practice of using everything to its fullest potential. I had began a reverse painting on this piece of poly-carbonate some time back, but always felt it was missing something. Likewise, I had some design elements that I had used in making some greeting cards for friends and family, but always thought more could be done with them. The same was true for some hand drawn elements I had created.

After attending a lecture at the Kimbell about Georges Braque, I began to view collage and these idle components differently. “Lessons Learned-#1 and #2” are the first results of this part of my practice.

Post in progress. Please check back for updates and additional information on this artwork (including purchase options.) Of course, since original artwork moves fast, and limited prints are not available yet, feel free to contact me by phone or email for current pricing.