A New Universe

A New Universe

The idea of multiple universes may be a matter for the linguists, or poets rather than the scientists.

Strictly by definition the word universe refers to the total of the cosmos, and all matter, energy, etc.

However, theoretically it has been suggested that there can be an infinite number of universes, sometimes called alternate universes or extra dimensions. This is a complex abstract, especially considering our limited scope of vision within time and space.

It is less difficult to imagine if we consider our dreams in the discussion. There seems to be many worlds just below the surface of consciousness.

Some have even suggested that an infinite number of possible universes are created by the simplest of decisions. We turn right and continue in the current creation, but by deciding to turn left create a new universe.

A New Universe was created as a digital composition with photo segments of different paintings, and multiple layers in various levels of opacity. Exquisite algorithms allowed me to manipulate these like clay into what you see here.

I currently offering this image as a limited edition print in a run of 20, 18″ x 24″ acrylic panels.

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