Sliced Pop

This work stems from my practice of using everything to its fullest potential.  I had created digital design elements that I had used in making some greeting cards for friends and family, and always thought more could be done with them. I have also been making some small paintings on junk mail envelopes I wanted […]

Instead of Darkness

There is a thin line between speaking out against those involved with oppressing others, hating others, or doing violence to others; and entering that darkness to do battle with them ourselves. Yet, we cannot be silent when evil is encountered. Instead of darkness, let us clear away all confusion. Let us listen with open minds. […]

A New Universe

The idea of multiple universes may be a matter for the linguists, or poets rather than the scientists. Strictly by definition the word universe refers to the total of the cosmos, and all matter, energy, etc. However, theoretically it has been suggested that there can be an infinite number of universes, sometimes called alternate universes […]

What The Caterpillar Showed Alice

“What The Caterpillar Told Alice” is a digital composition comprised of elements from several of my paintings rearranged in layers of various opacity. My take on the interchange between Alice and the caterpillar from Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” is one of perception, and of knowing oneself. Alice is unable to give an answer to the […]