You Are Here

Abstract mixed media sculpture encased in acrylic, conceptualizing a cluster of galaxies, cosmos-like palette

























OH GOOD! You ARE Here.

Hello, my friend. It’s been a while.

I’ve had inklings about these new works; What they are, Where they come from, and Why they are important to me.

As a child in Sunday School, I sang along with the song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”

As I accept healing in my life, harmony brings me in line with understanding my own nature and a connection shared with the universe.

I realize, in fact, God holds the universe in his hand. Or rather in the Infinite Mind.

On rare occasions, I grasp a single thought. An inkling combined with imagination reveals a tiny part of the cosmos, as if God were focusing momentarily on a particular quadrant of that specific galaxy. That moment for me is like eternity.

Just to hold that thought in my own hand briefly proves the Love of God to me. So, I muse the notions I create would last forever if I loved them enough to always hold them in memory. Alas, such is beyond me as a mere mortal unless I share them with you.

That’s why I am so glad You ARE Here.


“You ARE Here”  is a 4″ cube, SOLD


10 alternate views of “You ARE Here.”