Abstract Sculpture, mixed media sculptures encased in acrylic box, monotone, Black & White
The “Music & Lyrics” sculptures were created while thinking about a recent visit to the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, TX. This museum is local and refreshingly free to the public. I visit often to view new installations and special exhibitions. On each tour of the building I make a point to spend some time in front of Louise Nevelson’s sculpture “Lunar Landscape.”
I am not ashamed to say that the first time I saw this piece I was brought to tears. Almost every subsequent encounter with it has ended the same way. There is a melancholy present in the residual energy of the solid black sculpture. Knowing that Nevelson and her young son scavenged through the back streets and alley of
New York City to find firewood to warm their apartment is a factor. This is how and where she began to use odd pieces she found in her sculptures.
As I thought about this I began to wonder what she saw in those fires she started.
What shapes did the charcoal embers conjure that resulted in her painting many of her collage type sculptures solid black.
Was she softly singing a lullaby to her young son as the fire crackled?
I am making these original sculptures available for sale individually here.
“Opera” is largest of the three. “Sonnet” is the smallest. “Cavern Song” is…well Cavern Song.
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