Mother of Invention

Abstract expression, action painting
















So, what’s new about this painting? The painting itself is not. In fact I created it over sixteen years ago. However, three events have caused me to look at this painting with new eyes.

It first came into my review as a possible source for creating one of my constrained sculptural works I call “Inklings.”

I also have received a large dose of confirmation about this and other similar paintings when NASA began releasing images from the James Webb telescope. Along with other abstract expressionists, I have always considered these works as glimpses of the far reaches of the universe. They are landscapes of the cosmos.

And then most recently, I have dipped my toe in the NFT market. Thanks to I have been able to create NFTs without the huge “gas” fees normally associated with minting a Non-Fungible Token.  View the NFT based on “Mother of Invention” here on this link.

FYI, this NFT (whose title I abbreviated as MOI) is a 3D animation of this painting and includes original music. The loop generically entitled “Modern Symphony” is one I also created in Garage Band.

“Mother of Invention” 48″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas.
As I became more confident in the choices my studio practice suggested, I began looking at ways to add more depth to the action paintings with which I was experimenting. “Mother of Invention” was the first time I used another support to make an imprint as well as lift excess paint in a previous layer. This made room for me to keep working as well as make a start on another painting during  drying periods.

“Mother of Invention” is currently available for sale, both as  painting and as a NFT. At this time I am accepting offers which would combine the painting and the NFT as a single sale. That is why when you see the NFT at, it is listed as “not for sale.”

I am open to bids starting at $3500 for both.