Staying Conscious

Staying Conscious
oil on canvas 60″ x 60″

I am thankful
for all the words of encouragement over the years
which helped to keep me awake, aware, alive to the possibilities.
In a world where anything can happen, it does.
I’m just thrilled to get to participate. For that, I intend to stay conscious.

This is the painting with which I decided to dig deeper into my process. I began to investigate why my process was creating something other than what I thought I had painted.

It has caused me to consider these works as my ‘Pareidolics.”

This painting is an example of combining abstract expressive techniques within a process of “abstract redaction.” This allows for large, dark, expressive drawing gestures, followed by similar expressive gestures with a lighter touch. This effectively covers the previous line or lines as if “whiting out” them out.

In fact, it is the softened intersection of light with shadow that causes the pareidolic effect.

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