Rocks Cry Out

Stepping into my studio I renew my search for the truth.

What I carry with me on this journey is shared consciousness; the hallucinations we all agree on and call “reality.” That consensus includes systemic racism and murder committed by those tasked with protecting the peace, violent suppression of free speech and peaceful protest by the state, a corporate machine working toward a permanent slave labor force, and an impending global climate catastrophe whose harbinger is a deadly pandemic.

In the background the words of a poet from two thousand years ago replay in my head, shaping my work. “If you silence the people from hearing, saying, or celebrating the truth, the consequences will be felt in the earth itself. The rocks themselves will cry out.”

This same poet was reported to have gathered crowds as he “went about doing good.”

This page is VERY new. I will be making prints available of the photos in this series as soon as possible. Please contact me for information in the interim.

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