Guardian Angel

Cultural Ghosts series, black and white photography, digital photography, photo shoot near East Regional Library of Ft. Worth, TX , 2010.
The ghost imagined in the plastic seems to be both a face and a figure looking West toward downtown Fort Worth, and from its vantage point appears to be watching over the city.
For me, of all the photographs I have taken in this series, this one in particular speak loudest of the spiritual within the material.

I am currently offering “Guardian Angel” as a limited edition print in a run of 10, 24″ x 30″ acrylic panels
These reproductions are printed directly onto the back of a 1/4″ thick sheet of clear acrylic.
The image is the art – it doesn’t get any cleaner than that!
The price includes shipping (within the U.S.A.) and a numbered certificate of authenticity.
For purchase information go to